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2019 State Championships Brasatch v United

United 32
Brasatch 10

Scoring report
Mikayla Gamangasso 1 try
Malia Isaacs 1 try

2019 State Championships

Wasps 12
Kearns 22

Scoring Report:
Ethan Bullert 1 Try
Christian Meneses 1 Try
David Perez 1 conversion kick

Brasatch v SouthBay 2019 Nationals

SouthBay wins 10-0

Brasatch v Pleasanton 2019 Nationals

Wasps v Herriman State Semi Finals 5/4/19

Wasps v Brighton

Wasps 44
Brighton 14

Wasps v Herriman

Wasps 24
Herriman 10

Utah Cannibals 7s National Championship

2018 National High School 7s Champions
Congrats Coach P, Emily Trunnell and Mikayla Gamangasso for Wasatch

Wasps v Herriman 2018 State Championship Game

Wasps v Bear River 3.29.18

Wasps v Cedar 4.14.18

Wasps v Brighton 4.19.18

4 very cool scores in first 10 mins of game

Backs notice the alpha's and the skip passes out to get the ball wide

attacking toolbox - running a 2 4 2 with the forwards

great illustration and Connacht's attack structure- they switch between 1-3-3-1 and 2-4-2 of their forwards mixing in our tiger when needed.

WHS v Herriman 3.22.18

Wasps 7
Herriman 22

attacking toolbox - driving through contact

attacking toolbox - offloads

attacking toolbox - creating space

wide left then wide right attack

1. the way this play is successful is with the very first "alpha" by flyhalf.
2, short side - notice the scrumhalf identify no defense on weak side
5. watch the flyhalf hit that line. and create space for the hooker

best tries from Vegas 7s

Womens Sydney 7s Australia v NewZealand

mastering the tackle

WHS girls v Brighton

WHS 25
Brighton 33

Gracie earned Beast in this game

Epic Defense wales v ireland

In the clip below, we see Wales survive a whopping 32 phases from the Irish, who use mostly one-out runners to attack the line. Wales are penalised at the end, but in the follow-up clip, they stop the catch-and-drive from the lineout and, 13 phases later, Ireland are the ones being penalised for going off their feet in the ruck.
Watching our videos recently where defenders were regularly bunched up around the tackle contest and where defenders in wide channels were often caught turned / looking inwards, there are a lot of things to take away in that clip that can help teams with disjointed, passive, and leaky defences.

The Wall. At no point in those four minutes do we see an open channel. There are red jerseys fairly evenly spread across the pitch. A lot of coaches I know will yell ‘flat line’ to their players, but I like the visual of building an unbroken wall across the entire pitch to hold out the attacking hoard.

Re-Alignment. To extend the metaphor, after an attack, we usually have to ‘re-build the wall’ (i.e. re-align). We want to do this as quickly as possible so the attacking team, again, are faced with an unbroken wall across the field offering no clear opportunities. Wales are great at this, getting back on their feet in no time and getting back into the defensive line regardless of their playing position. All defenders, barring maybe the scrum half, wings and full back, share the same responsibilities in the wall.
Patience / Trust. The entire time, we see patient Welsh defenders who do not rush up recklessly. Coming forward to take away space is important, but not if one or two people are ahead of the rest, leaving big gaps for attackers to exploit. Others do not have to come in to finish a tackle, they do not attempt steals where there is no clear opportunity to do so, and players don’t flood in to ruck when the ball is clearly on the Irish side. They trust their team mates to stop the attackers and patiently wait for an opportunity on the next phase, or next phase, or … if the attacking team doesn’t make a mistake, they often get frustrated by this and kick away after running out of ideas, especially if they are driven backwards.

Targeted Tackles. Quite often, the first man in goes for the carrier’s legs. This is not only to get the carrier down, but also to take away any chance of getting on the front foot (i.e. driving the defence back, making re-alignment more difficult) through leg drive. Rarely do we see more than two players contesting a tackle, leaving 13 other men on their feet for the next phase. Recognising that moment when there are a lot of attackers on the ground or out of position can allow a defending unit to swarm a ball carrier in the next phase who lacks support.

Controlled Aggression. Whether coming forward or holding the line, each Welsh defender attempts to dominate the contact situation. Getting the ball carrier down quickly (or catching them in a choke tackle) allows for a better attempt to steal or to get over the ball and counter-ruck. Also important is that at least one player contests the ruck to the edge of legality, knowing the laws and/or listening to the referee. This slows down play enough for team mates to get back into position. The more time you have between getting set and the ball coming out, the more time you have to assess / plan / communicate a tactic that could win a turnover on the next phase.

WHS Girls v Kau Toa 4.20.17

Lady Wasps 24
Kau Toa 12

WHS boys v Davis

Wasps 19
Davis 24

WHS Girls v Skyridge 3.30.17

WHS– Lady Wasps Rugby Scoring Report
WHS 17- Skyridge15

Emily Trunnell = 5 points - 1 Try
Gabby Edler = 5 points - 1 Try
Riley Ure= 5points - 1 Try
Megan Gabler= 2 points - 1 conversion

WHS boys v Skyridge 3.30

WHS– Boys Rugby Scoring Report

Dallin Walker = 19 points – 3 Tries, 2 conversions
Jake Weenig = 15 points - 3 Tries
Tito Sotelo = 15 points - 3 Tries
Corbin Smith = 5 points – 1 Try
Steven Ballif = 5 points – WHS 1st Try
Jarom Magalei = 5 points – WHS 1st Try
David Perez = 2 points – 1 conversion

WHS boys v Herriman 3.25

WHS Girls v United 3.11.17

Good games by Katelyn and London. Some excellent tackles by Gracie! Hailey had a couple of nice runs and welcome to Rugby Olivia and Cyd!

Wasp Rugby v Copper Hills

Wasps win 62 -5

Speed and Agility - Form Running Drills - Activation Exercises

additional activation exercises

Speed and Agility core Exercises

Great video for all athletes working on their speed and agility

WHS boys v KaoToa leg 1 2016 7s

Wasatch Boys v Westlake 7s Leg 4

Not a great game for us. see how we get sucked in on the wings and we do miss a few tackles. the JV boys that filled in did a decent job.

WHS Black v Summit Black - Pink 7s

Summit Black was ranked as the # 3 team in the country. We started off slow but pulled it together second half.

WHS Yellow v Idaho Grey - Pink 7s

WHS Yellow v Summit Green - Pink 7s

WHS Yellow v Herriman B - Pink 7s

Wasatch Black v United - Pink 7s

Come Play Rugby!

whs girls v united 1 of 2

whs girls v united 2 of 2

2016 WHS v Davis

2 of 2

WHS v Davis Semis

1 of 2

2016 WHS v Bear River 2

2016 WHS v Bear River 1

1 of 2

Kade 85 yard run!

Wasps v West 5 (2nd half)

5 of 5

Wasps v West 4 (2nd half)

4 of 5

Wasps v West 3 (2nd half)

3 of 5

Wasps v West 2

2 of 5

Wasps v West 1

1 of 5 videos

seahawks rugby tackling

USA women line defense -awesome

watch this video to see a fantastic defensive line hold. They needed to take up the space in the rucks rather than waiting then trying to poach.

USA v Australia London 7's

USA wins first 7's title

Rugby 7's What is it?

A quick primer on Rugby 7's

guard in ruck not doing job

watch this sequence from the lineout to the score.

Rugby for beginners